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Testing Center provides test proctoring services for quizzes and exams. A DSP Specialist must approve alternative testing accommodations. The purpose of exam accommodations is to provide you with an equal testing opportunity based on your functional limitations. Alternative Testing accommodations may include extra time, a reader, a scribe, use of a computer, enlarged print, or other accommodations determined by a DSP Specialist. You can find the current list of services DSP may approve on the DSP website.


You can receive can your accommodation(s) in the following ways:

  • Your instructor will provide your testing accommodations for exams (quizzes, midterms, and final) online.
  • For on-campus courses, your instructor or Testing Center will proctor the exams.
  • If Testing Center is proctoring your exams, please follow the instructions below to schedule your exam(s).
  • The Testing Center will proctor exams by appointment only.


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Requesting Exam Accommodations

  • Send the Instructor Letters through the DSP Portal to your professor(s) by the first week of each quarter or as soon as the accommodation is approved.
  • When instructors receive the Instructor Letters, instructors should add the RegisterBlast tool to their courses on GauchoSpace and create the exam in RegisterBlast. If you do not see "DSP Exam Accommodations" on the course in GauchoSpace or you do not see your exam in RegisterBlast, we advise that you communicate with your instructor and/or TA to remind them.

You can follow the written instructions for scheduling exams or you can watch the presentation playing below. 

Please note:

  • You are responsible for scheduling your exams via RegisterBlast in advance.
  • Testing Center strongly recommends that you schedule all of your exams as soon as the professor announces the exam date.
  • If you will be using approved auxiliary aids that require Testing Center or faculty coordination (DSP laptop, memory aids, etc.), students must communicate with Testing Center and/or your professor as soon as possible.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate all requests but cannot guarantee that the Testing Center will have staff or room availability for requests submitted very close to the exam date.
  • If you are approved for Consideration of Health Conditions (Exams) and you miss an exam, it is your responsibility to communicate with your professor. You must ask your faculty to email the Testing Center at support@testingcenter.ucsb.edu to confirm the date of your make-up exam. You must then contact the Testing Center to confirm your exam schedule. DSP students not approved for this accommodation cannot be guaranteed the opportunity to sit for missed course exams.

Report to Room 1208 of the Old Gym to take your exam. When you enter the building through the entrance closest to South Hall, turn right and enter the room with the glass door. 

Testing Center Entrance

What You'll Need to Take a Test

  1. A current UCSB Student ID card or a government-issued ID card
  2. Your green Covid Clearance Badge
  3. Pens, pencils, and erasers
  4. Any other materials you need for the exam as authorized by your instructor, such as scantrons, Blue Books, and calculators. You will not be able to use any materials which your instructor did not authorize.

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Scheduling your exam(s)

You can follow the written instructions for scheduling exams

Please note: If the DSP Exam Accommodations link is not available on your GauchoSpace course page, please speak to your instructor. You can access GauchoSpace here


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Student FAQs

Have questions about the Testing Center or scheduling exams? You can find answers to your questions on the student FAQ page.

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Did you know...

You can schedule all your exams for the quarter at the beginning of the quarter?