General Testing Center Questions

The Testing Center is located in the Old Gym (Building 479)

The Testing Center hours are as follows:

  • Monday - Thursday:  8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Fridays: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Monday - Saturday (Final exams only):  7:45 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Please Note: Operating hours during midterms and final exams change to 7:45 am to 10:30 pm

Testing accommodations are accommodations approved by the Disabled Students Program (DSP) to provide access to course examinations, tests, and quizzes for students whose documented disability affects their ability to take exams. Students approved for testing accommodations may be eligible for accommodations such as a reduced distraction room, use of assistive technologies, and other accommodations. A faculty member, academic department staff, can provide the Alternative Testing accommodations or the Testing Center. Students should discuss their preferred testing location with their professors. Faculty members make the final decisions about whether the exam is proctored in the department or the Testing Center.

To ensure accommodations, all exams must be scheduled in advance. No exams may occur without advanced scheduling. 

The Testing Center staff will secure your personal belongings while you are testing and you will receive a number that corresponds to the location of your personal belongings. 

No open packages/containers of food are permitted in the Testing Center unless the consumption of food and drink has been approved by DSP as an accommodation. Only closed beverage containers without ice are permitted in the Testing Center.

These items are not permitted in the testing rooms:

  1. Cameras or recording devices
  2. Wireless communication devices of any kind (PDAs, tablet PCs, iPods, iPad, iPhones, and smartphones), except when approved as a reasonable accommodation.
  3. Digital watches and watches with calculator functions
  4. Food, candy, gum, and beverages, unless DSP has approved the consumption of food and drink as an accommodation.
  5. Tobacco products
  6. Hats (except those worn for religious purposes)
  7. Listening devices (radios, headphones, recorders), except when approved as a reasonable accommodation.
  8. Study materials, notes, or books

The campus strongly encourages informal resolution as a first step prior to filing a formal complaint. People with disabilities who feel their needs related to access and/or accommodations are not being addressed are encouraged to contact this office for assistance in resolving their concerns.  You can reach the ADA Compliance Officer(s) at:

Garry Mac Pherson
Campus ADA Compliance Officer
4129 Cheadle Hall

You can report a grievance online by clicking here

For other questions or concerns, you may explore our website at or email the Testing Center at


If you have questions about testing accommodations, you can contact the Disabled Students Program

Exam Specific Questions

The materials allowed on the exam are determined by the course instructor.

Students are expected to schedule their exams at the same date and time as the class unless they have written permission from the course instructor.

The exam time limit is determined by the course instructor. The Testing Center will calculate the exam duration for students approved for extended time accommodation.

Please inform any Testing Center staff member and we will make every effort to contact the course instructor.

Please inform any Testing Center staff member and we will communicate with the Disabled Students Program (DSP) to get you clarification.

For students who have been approved for laptop or equipment use (i.e., calculators, spellcheckers, and electronic dictionaries), please schedule your exams as soon as possible. The Testing Center will have your approved items ready for you to use on the day of your exam. DO THIS EARLY IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR REQUIRED EQUIPMENT BEFORE YOUR EXAM.

On the Day of the Exam

  1. Materials you will use during the exam, such as pens, pencils, and calculators
  2. Any materials authorized by the course instructor

No.  Only persons scheduled to take the exam and their personal attendants are permitted in the Testing Center.

Students arriving more than 15 minutes late to an exam will not be allowed additional time to compensate for tardiness. The Testing Center will contact the professor and proceed according to the professor’s instructions. Whether or not the student is able to take the exam may also depend on Testing Center space and staff availability.

Professors are not required to allow you to take an exam on a different day if you schedule late and the Testing Center is not able to accommodate you due to space and staff availability.

If you miss an exam, it is your responsibility to communicate with your professor to ask for permission to take the exam at a different date and time than the class. If your professor allows you to take a makeup exam, you must ask her/him to email the Testing Center at to confirm the date that they approve of you taking the make-up exam. You must then schedule contact the Testing Center to confirm your exam schedule.

The Testing Center will report all academic integrity violations to the course instructor and the Office of Student Conduct.