Introducing RegisterBlast!

What is RegisterBlast?

We're glad that you asked!

It's a new online platform for students with DSP-approved accommodations and UCSB departments to use when submitting, reviewing, and tracking exam requests.

In the past, students made requests for testing accommodations through the DSP Portal, and once you received the request, faculty or department staff searched for testing spaces or used department-controlled rooms to proctor the exam. With RegisterBlast, you will no longer have to search for testing spaces!

  1. Faculty or department staff create the exam in RegisterBlast
  2. Faculty or department staff upload the exam
  3. Students make an appointment to take the exam
  4. Students report to the Testing Center for the exam
  5. The Testing Center can scan and email completed exams, or you can pick up the exams at the Testing Center

RegisterBlast will revolutionize the way you interact with Testing Center and simplify life for everyone. You will no longer need to use multiple platforms. Instead, you'll log into RegisterBlast with your UCSB Net ID to create and submit exams online. If you do not know your UCSB Net ID and password, please contact Identity Services



Support for Faculty

You can also follow the written instructions on how to create exams. When you click on the RegisterBlast tool from GauchoSpace, RegisterBlast will automatically create an instructor account for you. Faculty do not need to fill out the RegisterBlast Access Form.

Please note: Students cannot schedule their exams and receive their accommodations until a faculty or department staff member first creates the exam in RegisterBlast. When you create the exam, you are providing the exam parameters to the Testing Center, such as the exam date, time, and proctoring instructions. You can create all your exams at the beginning of the quarter and you are not required to upload the exam when you create the exam. We ask that you upload the exam or deliver the exam in person to the Testing Center at least 2 business days before the scheduled exam.

Support for Department Staff and TAs

Access to RegisterBlast is role-based and is different for students, faculty, department staff and TAs. Please complete the RegisterBlast Access Request to obtain the appropriate role and access for RegisterBlast. 




You can also follow the written instructions on how to create exams. Follow this link to get to the RegisterBlast Log In page. Please complete the RegisterBlast Access Request Form before clicking on the link. If you click the link before completing the form, you will receive student access to RegisterBlast by default.

Please note: Students cannot schedule their exams until a faculty or department staff member first creates the exam in RegisterBlast.

Support for Students

Schedule your exam(s)

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace
  2. Select the course
  3. Under the “This Course” menu, select the “External Tools” option

  4. Select DSP Exam Accommodations
  5. When Choose an Exam appears, select the correct exam.
  6. Click the Select a Date For Your Exam field to choose an available testing date from the calendar.
  7. Click the Choose a Time field to select an available testing time.
  8. Complete the personal information for the person who will be taking the test.
  9. Read the Exam Guideline Acknowledgement in the scroll box.
  10. Check the box under the scroll box, to acknowledge the guidelines.
  11. Complete the Needed Information.
  12. Click Add to Cart.
  13. If you need to add another exam, click Add Another Exam and repeat the previous process.
  14. No payment information is needed so click Ready to check out
  15. If you have completed all necessary registrations, click Complete Registration



Please note: If the DSP Exam Accommodations link is not available on your GauchoSpace course page, please speak to your instructor. You can access GauchoSpace here