Welcome to the UCSB Testing Center! 

UCSB provides reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitations of qualified disabled students. Doing so does not impose an undue hardship on the University or fundamentally alter the educational program. Testing accommodations are accommodations approved by the Disabled Students Program (DSP) to provide access to course examinations, tests, and quizzes for students whose documented disability affects their ability to take exams. In addition, students approved for testing accommodations may be eligible for accommodations such as a reduced distraction room, use of assistive technologies, and other accommodations. A faculty member or academic department staff can provide the Alternative Testing accommodations or the Testing Center.  Faculty members decide whether the exam administration is in the department or the Testing Center. Students are encouraged to discuss the faculty's preferred testing location.

Use of the Testing Center

The professor may have the student take the exam in the Testing Center if the department staff, professor, or teaching assistant (TA) cannot provide the student’s exam accommodations. It is important to understand that Testing Center is administering the exam for the professor/TA. The Testing Center has no authority to alter any aspect of the exam or how it is to be administered without prior written or verbal notification from the professor/TA. It is the responsibility of the student to adhere to the Testing Center Policies and Procedures to ensure that the testing experience at Testing Center is positive and problem-free. If you have any questions about these policies or procedures, please contact Sandra Caceres, the Testing Center Coordinator.


Upload Exam

Step 1 - Add RegisterBlast to your courses

(We provide video tutorials and detailed written instructions on the RegisterBlast Launch page of our website.)

1. Log in to GauchoSpace 

2. Click on "Turn on Editing."

3. Click on “Add an activity or resource.”

4. Click on "All."

5. Select the RegisterBlast tool.

6. Give the activity the name “DSP Exam Accommodations” and then click on “Save and return to course.” 

Please note: You will only complete Step 1 once per course per quarter.

Step 2 - Create and upload your exam

1. Log in to GauchoSpace 

2. Click on the "DSP Exam Accommodations" tool

3. Click Submissions at the top of the page.

4. Click the plus (+) icon.

6. Find and click + New to add a submission

5. Enter exam instructions and parameter details.

6. Submit

Please note: Students cannot schedule their exams and receive their accommodations until a faculty or department staff member first creates the exam in RegisterBlast. When you create the exam, you are providing the exam parameters to the Testing Center, such as the exam date, time, and proctoring instructions. You can create all your exams at the beginning of the quarter and you are not required to upload the exam when you create the exam. We ask that you upload the exam or deliver the exam in person to the Testing Center at least 2 business days before the scheduled exam.

Online Exam

Remote Assessments

If DSP has approved the student for the Remote Instruction as an Accommodation or all your exams are online, the Testing Center can accommodate exam proctoring over Zoom. If your exam does not require a proctor, students you the Instructor Letters and will NOT be required to schedule their exams in RegisterBlast for your class. Instead, you would extend the student's exam time for graded, timed assessment administered in Gauchospace, GradeScope including exams, quizzes, iClicker questions.

You can find more information on this process is outlined at instructional development's site: GauchoSpace Extended Time Test Protocol. We feel this is the best way for you to be informed of the accommodations that you will need to arrange for in your online exams while at the same time avoiding excessive emails that do not require specific action on your part.

If your online exam requires a proctor through Zoom and is administered on another platform, such as GauchoSpace or GradeScope, please create the exam in RegisterBlast and indicate that you will need a proctor for an online exam. Students should then schedule their exams in RegisterBlast, and the Testing Center will assign a proctor and provide the student the Zoom link for the exam.


Faculty FAQs

Have questions about the Test Center or submitting exams to the Testing Center? You can find answers to your questions on the Faculty FAQ page